Premarital Coaching

She said “YES”. Now the work begins. You have a date set. All the groomsmen and bridesmaids are chosen and what’s even better, they’re all available. After doing all the research together on the venues that you both like, now you sit down with your parents and pick “the one”. You make the phone call and they have that weekend open – it’s booked! So much yet to do – a dress, flowers, tuxedos, the menu, a peaceful seating chart, gifts for the wedding party, a pianist, vocalist, what about our honeymoon!! AAAHHH!!! So much energy is put into “The Day”, but what about the days, weeks, months, and years after? That’s what really needs planning and work.

I offer a FREE addendum to a state approved premarital class. I can help you and your fiance put in place the six building blocks of a marriage. We will discuss the expectations that each of you have and come to an agreement in areas such as dating, social activities, feelings, spirituality, sex, and money. We can diffuse these marriage bombs before they can become a problem. Let me help you get your marriage started in the best way possible. Did I mention this class is FREE!!!