Couple's Recovery

Why is marriage so hard? When we get married, we have these dreams of what we think it’s going to be like – porches and white picket fences. Then life happens – we catch our spouse looking at pornography, flirting constantly, or having an affair. We drift apart and discover there’s a reason and it’s called Intimacy Anorexia. We decide there’s too much invested to call it quits – years together, kids, friends, retirement accounts, and the embarrassment of other people finding out “our secrets”. There is hope!

When I work with a couple, I actually deal with three entities – the addict, the partner, and the marriage. A two-legged stool will not stand. If only the partner and the addict are helped, the marriage will fall. In addition to your individual work and goals, we will address the six pillars of marriage and equip each of you with skills in the areas of dating, social activities, feelings, spirituality, sex, and money. Let me help you put all three pieces of your relationship – addict, partner, and marriage – back together.